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I'm sorry
I wonder what time it is, was the first thing Sasori thought when he opened the door to his and Deidara’s apartment. He’d been out late again, straitening things out after a long day of work and stress. This ended up taking out all his anger on a stranger, in the form of stabbing the man multiplies times. So now, he was covered in blood, and had tried very carefully not to be spotted on his way home. He was very calm about this, since it wasn’t his first time he’d ended another human’s life. His priorities right now was probably to change and wash his current clothing, then slip into a warm bed with a certain blonde. So he hung up his set of keys on the wall, hung up his jacket and placed his shoes in the shoe rack; every action done with extreme care so as he wouldn’t wake up his boyfriend. The blonde wasn’t very fond of Sasori coming home late at night, so the red head all but tip-toed further into the apartment as not to wake him. But
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Kagerou Days - SasoDei
I opened up my eyes as I woke up and struggled to keep my eyes open from the sudden change of light. Then I fumbled a bit too find my phone, which was lying somewhere on my bed. When I found it I looked at the time and date, August 15th, around 12.30 in the afternoon. When I realized what day it wad I smiled to myself, because I knew that I'd get to meet you today in the park. For that's what we'd planned to do.
-at the park-
We both sat on the soft grass in the neighborhood park and just talked, for we had nothing better to do. "Well, y'know danna, I kind of hate summer, un" I heard you almost whispered while petting a cat you'd found. I looked at you whit mild interest, but you had your face down and your bangs where blocking my view of your face. But you looked up at me and gave me a comforting smiled, like you always did. But, out of the blue, the cat jumped down from your lap and ran towards the road crossing. I could see you got anxious as you quickly got up from where you were s
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Chibi Deidara by KABOOMdeadEspada Chibi Deidara :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 23 19 Right through it - Sasori by KABOOMdeadEspada
Mature content
Right through it - Sasori :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 0 0
Right through it - Deidara by KABOOMdeadEspada
Mature content
Right through it - Deidara :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 1 0
[Stamp] Akastuki by KABOOMdeadEspada [Stamp] Akastuki :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 11 0 [Request] Dew and Umbreon by KABOOMdeadEspada [Request] Dew and Umbreon :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 0 0 Kama and Kenji by KABOOMdeadEspada Kama and Kenji :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 4 8 SUSHI Lucky Star Paper by KABOOMdeadEspada SUSHI Lucky Star Paper :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 1 0 DEATH Lucky Star paper by KABOOMdeadEspada DEATH Lucky Star paper :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 2 0 Happy Halloween - Hidan by KABOOMdeadEspada Happy Halloween - Hidan :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 3 11
Akatsuki Town
The whole Akatsuki, except Sasori, were sitting in a fancy restaurant, celebrating Konans birthday. After opening all the presents Konan noticed Sasori missing. "Great, Sasori's a no show!" She said throwing her arms in the air. "You know what; this is your entire fault." The blue haired said looking at her blond friend at her left.  "You always assume the worst in people! You probably this that guy over there is a pedophile!" Konan pointed at a man at the outside bar. White skin, silk long black hair, yellow eyes with purple marks around them, and a creepy smile. He toasted the air with his wineglass when he noticed Konan look at him. "Ok, he defiantly is a pedo, look at him!" The birthday girl said shuttering. "Relax, Sasori's just holding out to make sure we all came, un. He's the Devil." Deidara said to his friend, whispering the last part. "And besides, you know how much he hates to make people wait, un." He smirked at her and leaned backwards on his chair.
The friends c
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Sasori and Deidara ff
Deidara laid on his back in the grass in the park and looked up to the sky. He could hear birds chirping and the sun was shining, a wonderful day.
"Only it does not start raining, un", He said quietly to herself.
"It would certainly be a shame" Deidara was surprised when he heard Sasori's voice. Not that he thought that Sasori liked the bad weather, but that he had actually dared to come out.
You see, earlier that same day the two friends had colored each other's hair and Sasori's hair had been baby pink instead of white, as it should have been. Deidara's hair had also been wrong color, but he didn't care. He even thought that green suited him.
Sasori sat down next to him and also looked up at the sky. "It is certainly a nice day", he said while Deidara sat up and leaned against him.
The two sat there for a while and talked about everything between heaven and earth. Until;
"What? Danna, are you crying, un?" Deidara dried his cheek where something wet had landed.
"No, why?" Sasori looke
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So What
So what
So what if I'm not straight?
So what if I'm not normal?
It doesn't mean that I'm not human
Because I am, I am human
Being homosexual, bisexual or not normal doesn't mean that we are freaks
We are humans, Just like you
We all are humans, and we are all Equal
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Mini by KABOOMdeadEspada Mini :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 0 3 SasoDei Kiss - Coloured Linear by KABOOMdeadEspada SasoDei Kiss - Coloured Linear :iconkaboomdeadespada:KABOOMdeadEspada 4 2


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